Duralock fencing works hard for you. The robust PVC-u construction withstands heavy use in all weathers without warping, splitting or breaking. Your investment is complete once the fencing system is installed; no painting or varnishing and no maintenance in the future.


Duralock balustrade fencing combines classic style with modern materials to create stunning fencing that won’t need any upkeep. The PVCu construction is designed to withstand all weathers, from blazing sun to pouring rain, without warping, splitting or splintering, making it ideal for gardens and patio areas.


The unique qualities of the post and rail system make it ideal for a variety of uses, from demarcation boundaries to pens for livestock. Duralock’s world leading position has been established thanks to a combination of strength and safety. The fencing’s ability to flex against the weight of both the public and livestock significantly reduces the risk of injury.


The white picket fence has become an icon of happy domesticity, and with good reason. There’s something cosy yet stylish about those neat rows of fence posts with their tapered tops, but traditional wooden picket fencing requires too much maintenance for most modern lifestyles. Duralock picket fencing brings you the iconic look of a white picket fence in zero-maintenance, hardwearing PVC-u. You won’t even have to paint or varnish your fence; once it’s installed, all you have to do is enjoy it.


We produce a range of crowd barriers for different uses. Our fixed crowd barrier is designed to guide and protect. It’s available in varying heights and styles, so you can choose the right size for your needs.

Technical Specs

Download specification sheets in our standard heights, please note all systems can be made to bespoke heights to suit your requirements.

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